Cyclic Banding

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Cyclic Banding is a work flow designed to allow users to control their own asset banding via visit cycles.

This is an alternative workflow to using SmartWater job dispatch and can not be used at the same time.

How it Works

The user creates a visit cycle by giving it a name, assigning some assets and a start date to it. When this date is encountered within the mobile application all assets which are part of the cycle will display an amber band around them to indicate to end users which assets they need to visit. When the users visit the asset and collect data the banding will be removed for that asset and the visit cycle summary will update so the progress can be see in numbers or as a percentage of completion.

This functionality can also be combined with the Successful visit rule so that banding is only removed on successful visits.

A normal street view with normal and banded assets.

Creating a Cycle

Visit Cycle Management page

To create a new cycle follow these steps;

  • Click the Create New Asset Visit Cycle button.
  • Enter a name for the cycle.
  • Enter a start date for the cycle to begin. A specific time can be entered if required.
  • Keep the Active box checked or uncheck it if you do not want this cycle to be used.
  • Save the cycle, the Manage Assets section now has more options available.
  • Attach assets to the cycle by importing a CSV file or using the Asset Picker.
  • The Summary description will update showing the asset count and completion percentage of this cycle.

Editing a Cycle

Note:If you edit a visit start date and set it to a future point, any progress already made against assets on the cycle will not display in the app. If you set the date back then the progress will be restored.

You can change the name and start date, set the cycle to inactive so it longer takes effect or perform asset related actions when editing a visit cycle;

  • Export Selected Assets will export the assets included in this cycle.
  • Export All Assets will provide the full system asset export.
  • Remove Assets from job will remove the assets attached to this visit cycle.
  • Importing assets when a cycle already has assets attached will replace any assets with the new import.