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The job list displayed on an iPhone.


After logging in you are presented with a map view which will show job location pins and assets. To access other areas use the menu button which is the cross in the top right corner of the application.

From this menu you can access various features;

  • Add a new asset to the system.
  • View the job list.
  • View the current user details.
  • View installed map pack titles.
  • View the current application version number.

Job List

Open the menu and select Open Job List to see the jobs assigned to the current crew.

Each entry in the job list displays the following information;

  • The job description as entered in the Job Management section.
  • The job location as entered in the Job Management section.
  • The current job status which can be;
    • Scheduled Active
    • In-Progress
    • Paused
    • Rejected Temp
    • Rework
  • A yellow warning triangle icon for pending jobs due within 24 hours.
  • A red warning triangle icon for overdue jobs.

When viewing the job list there is a Map button which will display all of the job locations on the device.

Job Details

Viewing individual job details.

Tapping on an entry within the job list will display the job details.

  • You can return to the job list by tapping < Job List in the top left corner.
  • The job status abbreviation is displayed in the top right corner. In the image this shows "Sch-Active" for Scheduled-Active.
  • The Job Number field displays as either the internal job ID (22366) or, if present, will also display the Third Party Job Reference field (DMO11347) before the internal ID.
    • The Job Number area can be tapped to display another panel which shows;
      • Job Number
      • Third Party Asset Reference
      • Works Order Reference
  • The Description field shows the jobs description as entered in job management. If the description field is too long to display then the area can be scrolled to view more information.
  • The Location field will show the location text description as entered in job management. This area can be tapped to display another panel which can show more description if required.
  • The Route link can be tapped to navigate to the job location.
    • A map marker position must be attached to the job for this to work.
    • This will use the default navigation software on the device.
    • You will have to use the App Switcher or return to the home screen and then press the application icon again.
  • The Priority displays the job priority as given by job management.
  • The Deadline displays the jobs due date. This can be based on the job priority chosen or manually overridden in job management.

Job Actions

Below the job details there are 4 buttons

  • Start Job indicates the user intends to begin work as described in the job details. The user is prompted for the time entry, this can be set back if the work has already begun on the job.
  • Pause will pause an In-Progress job. When starting a new job, any other In-Progress jobs are automatically put into the paused state.
    • Resume will be available after pausing a job and will take the place of the Start Job button.
  • Complete will indicate the work has been completed. The user will be asked to enter a time of completion and then the job will disappear from the job list. If there are outstanding assets then the app will warn the user and give them the option to continue or cancel the job completion.
    • When completing jobs you can be prompted to create a duplicate, please see #Rework Jobs for more information about this feature.
  • Reject will provide the user with a temporary rejection and permanent rejection option. There can be a list of rejection reasons to choose from.
    • Temporarily rejected jobs will remain on the job list and can be resumed (or rejected again) at a later point.
    • Permanently rejected jobs will be removed from the job list.

Job Progress

Map cluster display with a job in progress.

When a job is in progress the map will update to highlight the assets attached to the job. The remaining network assets which are not attached to this job are still shown but will be transparent.

Assets will display a ring around them while an asset job is in progress;

  • An Amber ring means the work is outstanding for that asset.
  • A Green ring means the asset work has been completed.

By viewing the Filter options (bottom left corner when viewing the map) you can view job progress and see how many assets are marked as complete and how many are still pending work.

You can also change the filter so the map will only display the assets assigned against the current job. To do this slide the Display Only Job Assets to the right so the indicator turns green to show this is enabled.

When a job is in progress the cluster text can show 3 different numbers;

  • White text indicates there are other network assets included in the clustered node. These assets are not part of the current job.
  • Orange text indicates there are assets pending work in that area.
  • Green text indicates there are completed assets in that area.

A cluster circle will remain Amber until every asset represented by the cluster has been completed, only then will the cluster ring turn Green.

Rework Jobs

When completing a job the user may be asked if the job requires additional work.

  • If Yes is selected then the system creates another job with a status of Rework. The asset completion status will transfer to the new job, along with the other details. The job being completed will be given a status of Completed: Rework Required. The Rework job will be available to the same crew and will be available on the device the next time data is refreshed.
  • If No is selected then the job status becomes Completed and no further work is expected.

These statuses can be used within filters on the website to make it easy to find these job types and reschedule them if required.