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Gully Dispatch is a work flow designed as part of the SmartWater Solution to allow users to clean gullies based on previously collected asset attributes.

Click here to watch a tutorial video on YouTube for creating a Gully Dispatch job.

Creating A Job

Note: Before a job can be added, the system needs to be populated with basic work order data. If you have not used jobs before on your system then please see the following article Works Order Setup

A new Gully Dispatch job can be added via the Job Management page, clicking 'Create New Job' will trigger the 'Add Job..' pop-up, from here you can choose to create a blank or template job.

  • Create Blank Job (job with no pre-populated information)
  • Create From Template (job with selected pre-populated information)

Once either a blank or template job type has been selected the Edit Job screen will open. To save a job a minumum of the following fields will need to be completed;

  • Customer
  • Contract
  • Priority
  • Due Date
  • Job Status (defaults to New)
  • Description
  • Location

Once this information and any other optional information has been inputted the job can then be saved using the 'Save' button in the bottom right corner.

Job Assets

Clicking the 'Assets' button in the bottom right corner of the Edit Job screen will open the Assets menu, from here you can add assets to a new job, export or remove assets from an existing job.

  • Import... (import assets to add to the selected job from a .csv file)
  • Asset Picker... (select assets to add to the selected job using the Gully Reporting filters)
  • Export Selected Assets (exports job assets to .csv)
  • Export All Assets (exports all assets from the system to .csv)
  • Remove Assets From Job (removes all assets from the selected job)

Adding Job Assets

Clicking Import will give you the option to import a .csv file of assets to be added to the job, the chosen file must contain the Inspections asset ID.

Clicking Asset Picker will give you the option to select assets to be added to a job based of collection criteria. Once you have selected the required assets based on one or many attributes the selected assets are added to the job by clicking 'Add Selected Items' followed by 'Save Changes'.

Scheduling A Job

Once a job is ready to be assigned it needs to be scheduled and activated for the crew to open the job on a device and begin work.

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