Installing, Updating & Removing Apps

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InTouch mobile applications (apps for short) are available on the Apple™ App Store and can be maintained the same way you would interact with other Apple applications on the iOS system.

If you are viewing this page on the mobile device or on a PC or mac with itunes installed then you can click the following links to install the apps.


InTouch Inspections on the App Store


InTouch WOMS on the App Store


InTouch Forms on the App Store

Installing an App

Using the mobile device you want to install on, load the iOS App Store.

Search for the product you want to install, suggested search terms are;

  • intouch Inspections
  • intouch WOMS
  • intouch Forms

Pressing the Install button will download the app and add the icon for it to the next available space on the device home screens. You can also wait for the installation to complete and then the Install button will become an Open button and will launch the application when pressed.

Updating an App

When an update is available for an app there will be a highlighted number that appears on the icon. InTouch applications will also inform users when an update is available via a message inside the app.

In order to update the app to the latest version go to the iOS App Store.

Removing an App

In order to remove an app from the iOS system you press and hold an icon for a second or two, until all icons on the screen start to jiggle. A cross inside a circle appears in the top left corner of all icons, pressing this allows you to uninstall the application that you click on. Any data saved with the app will also be removed, this includes any offline map pack files you may have installed.