Job Scheduling

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The Scheduling page with an example job displayed.

Menu: Maintenance > Scheduling

Job Scheduling allows workloads to be planned ahead of use and provides a visual allocation of crew work on a daily basis. It is also how jobs created on the web system are made available to work crews and devices.

  • The scheduling page will open on today’s date.
  • The date can be changed by clicking in the Select Date field and selecting from the calendar.
  • The Hide Map button can be used to display a large amount of crews.
  • At the bottom of the crew list the slider can be used to shorten the visible range of hours, this can help when editing job durations as the job blocks become larger.

Job Searching

Press the Search Jobs button to bring up the search filter.

  • The fields list all the active and inactive entries.
  • The lists will display identical entries for example if you have two “24 Hour” priorities but for two different contracts then the list will show both options and you cannot identify which is the correct one.
  • The system is configured to have a search result limit in place, when you hit that limit the system will return the number of jobs matching the search query and will also show what that limit is. Be more specific with criteria to reduce the number of results returned.
  • Search options are saved during the session, if you reload the page then the options will be lost. You can reopen the panel and modify the results and perform another search.
  • You can change the ordering of the results.
  • Pressing Reset will clear all criteria from the search panel.

Search tips

  • To find Jobs recently added to the system just search for;
    • Created – After – and select Today’s date.
  • Text fields perform an “all” match which means if you search for Location contains “King Street” It will only return jobs where the complete string “King Street” is found.
  • Text searches are not case sensitive.
  • All job locations will be displayed on the map after performing a search, provided location information was entered.

Adding jobs to the timeline

After performing a search the job(s) should now be visible in the job list under the Unscheduled Jobs section.

Job list information

  • The S icon represents the job status colour.
  • The P icon represents the job priority colour.
  • The T icon represents the job type colour.
  • The # number is the jobs internal system ID.
  • The Due entry shows the date and time this job should be completed by.
  • On the right side of the box, hovering over the grey area with the little i icon will display a popup panel showing more of the jobs details:
    • ID
    • Job Description
    • Location description
    • Due Date
    • Scheduled Date
    • Job Status
    • Job Priority
    • Job Type
    • Duration


On the left of an unscheduled job box you have a grey bar, hovering over this gives you a different mouse cursor and enables dragging the chosen job to the scheduling timeline at a chosen point.

  • Crews which can carry out the work indicated by the job type will be highlighted green.
  • A warning message will be displayed when attempting to schedule to a crew which does not have that job type listed as compatible.
  • New jobs will display as yellow blocks when scheduling, yellow indicates these are pending jobs which are currently unavailable to crews.
  • You can drag pending jobs back to the job list to unschedule them.
  • After making any changes to jobs on this page press the Save button.
  • The scheduled times are not used by the device as this will display jobs by due date and will remain permanently on the device until the status is changed.

Job Locations

On systems with traffic management features enabled you will be prompted to provide a job location when scheduling a job. This can also be done when the job is created in which case there would not be a prompt on the scheduling page.

  • The Set Job Position window will display if the job was not given a location when it was created.
  • You need to select a gazetteer item (minimum of 1) so search for a street name and select an item from the search result list. The map moves to the location. Click the Add button to move the selected road name into the Selected Gazetteer Items field.
  • With the correct road selected then press the plus symbol in the top left of the Set Job Position window and place a location marker on the selected road.
  • Press Save and the location for the job will be stored and you will return to the timeline.
  • Bringing up the right click menu from the job list or timeline will allow you to change a jobs location or gazetteer list by the Edit Position entry.

Activating Jobs

When you drag a job to the timeline it displays as a yellow block, this indicates the job is pending and if you view the job details you will see the status now reads Scheduled-Pending instead of New. Pending jobs are ready to be available to crews at a moments notice, this allows for a stack of jobs to be created and prepared but not available for work to be carried out until necessary.

When we want to make pending jobs available to crews we have to Active them. Activating a job changes the status to Scheduled-Active and the block colour to orange.

There are multiple ways to activate jobs:

  • A single job can be activated by the right click menu and clicking the Activate Job entry.
  • An entire crews jobs for the currently selected day can be activated by the crews right click menu entry Activate Crew's Jobs.
  • A longer period and multiple crews can be selected by using the Activate button next to Save.

More notes on activating jobs:

  • You can deactivate jobs by the right click menu and crew menu options.
  • Only pending jobs will be activated.
  • Jobs with traffic management features enabled will also have an option to Apply for Automatic TMA in the job menu, crew menu and also in the activate panel.
  • Using the Activate panel will cause a page refresh which will reset any search filter in place.

Job Duration

When scheduling a new job it will display as a 15 minute block on the timeline. This can be modified on a per job basis by right clicking the job and selecting Change Job Duration. The new value can be entered in minutes.