Logging in (Device)

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An InTouch mobile application's login screen shown on an iPad
An InTouch mobile application's login screen shown on an iPhone

If you have not installed the app yet please see Installing, Updating & Removing Apps for assistance.

In order to login to InTouch device applications you will require the following information:

  • A compatible iOS device (iOS7 or higher)
  • A data connection (3G, 4G or WiFi)
  • A username
  • A PIN or password
  • A company name

Usernames and PIN/password details will need to be created on your system. This would typically be performed by your company designated SuperUser, this is also the person you should contact first if you are having any trouble logging in to your device.

Initial login & Offline mode

When you have a username, PIN/password and a company name then you can enter these details on the first screen of the app and press the Login button. The first time you login you will require an active internet connection and this login will take longer than any subsequent logins performed as the device is downloading all the data it needs to operate.

Once the initial login is completed the device can then be used to record data in Offline Mode.

Live & Test systems

All InTouch customers are provided with a test system. This system is used for training and experimenting purposes, you can get used to new features and try different workflows without any unnecessary data going on your live system. Test systems are updated when new versions of products are released and will erase all the contents of the previous test system.

You can login to the test system by appending "test" to your company name, if your company name is "intouchltd" then your test system company would be "intouchltdtest".

Test systems may not be as up to date as your live system, bear this in mind particularly when modifying user account details. If you change your password on the live system and then try to login to the test system it will not work, you would have to use the old password which is stored on the test system.