Logging in (Web)

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The WOMS website login page.

In order to login to InTouch website you will require the following information:

  • A portal address
  • A user name
  • A password
  • A company name

Usernames and password details will need to be created on your system. This would typically be performed by your company designated SuperUser, this is also the person you should contact first if you are having any trouble logging in to the website.


The WOMS website menu.

To login to the WOMS web system follow the instructions:

1. Open a web browser (Mozilla Firefox recommended).

2. Enter http://home.woms.intouch-ltd.com in the address bar or click the link to open the page now.

3. Enter your Username, Password and Company details in the boxes.

4. Press the Logon button.

5. When you are logged in to the system you can access the menu by moving or clicking the mouse over the InTouch logo in the top-left corner.