Map clustering

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Map clustering in Inspections

Map clustering is a feature of the Inspections app to allow grouping of similar assets or gazetteer items in a condensed view.

Where you would have all individual assets shown before you can now have a single cluster node which represents tens or hundreds of assets with a single point.

As you zoom in and get closer to street level detail the cluster nodes will disappear and the individual assets will display.

There are good reasons for doing this, it provides more visibility of the map layer which in turn helps users navigate easier. It also reduces the processing power requirements which means low power and older devices can still feel very responsive even when dealing with very large data sets. Reducing the amount of data we deal with at any single point also has a knock on effect within other areas of the application, the menus will open faster because there are more free system resources and operations on the map are significantly reduced and complete much faster.