Release 15.1

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Release 15.1

Release 15.1 is primarily an Inspections release bringing new functionality to streamline troubleshooting methods. This is done by providing more information about errors to users, and enabling them to recover from them in a more time efficient manner.

WOMS Website


  • It's no longer possible to save a username which already exists on the system.
  • The Job Management's Job Position window will now open much faster.
  • Empty job notes will not be saved to jobs.
  • It will no longer be possible to run a search query that returns all jobs on the system. Users may need to use additional criteria in order to return smaller quantities of results.
  • Contract Rates Third Party Reference field will now display a label informing the users of the 50 character limit, when this limit is reached.
  • Regions can be cloned without encountering an error message.
  • Job reconciliation page will correctly save text surrounded by quotation marks.
  • The Gully Reporting history window now has it's own scroll bar.
  • The People & Users page will now alert users when updating details has failed.
  • The Gully Reporting filters are now based on the Device Update Date and no longer the Last Update Date.
  • Gully Reporting search boxes will now submit search terms instead of reloading the page.
  • Cleaned up the display of a job type reference when viewing a job tooltip on the scheduling page.
  • Contract Maintenance will now set currency to 2 decimal places instead of returning a validation error when user only provides a value to 1 decimal place.
  • The Gully Reporting filter date ranges are now inclusive and allow for {Today} to {Today} queries.
  • (IE11) The Gully Reporting page will once again let you select assets properly.
  • The Job Reconciliation page now has an export button which exports all the displayed jobs including the reconciled job ID's to CSV format.

WOMS iOS application


  • Use multiple lines to display Schedule of Rate items with long descriptions.
  • Fixed a problem saving values for SoR items using Volume measurement. (does not apply retrospectively)

Inspections iOS application

Known issues impacting the Inspections application for this release and other notes:

Existing app store customers can install this version like a normal upgrade. Any map packs and application permissions should remain intact but the user login details will be cleared and the initial download will have to be performed. Offline data on the device will be sent up before the system clears down.

Customers not currently on the app store version will move on to it with this release. Map packs will need to be installed for the new application and new permissions granted. You should ensure any data captured while offline is uploaded on each device before installing the new version.

The "too many assets to display" message will be visible while a job is in progress. It will return to normal behaviour when there are no active jobs in progress.

The debug file uploader tool will not upload WOMS (jobs/gazetteer) data. We hope to be able to add support for this in a future release.

New features

  • Login mechanism has been redesigned.
  • Debug Mode now allows clearing down the files on the app and performing a clean login, some configuration settings will remain like "remember me" options from surveys.
  • Mapping engine change.
  • Map clustering.
  • When opening Inspections for the first time the initial view should be more focused on your asset collection area instead of the whole of the uk or our Morecambe location.
  • The device will now attempt to handle errors encountered due to Invalid Job Status Progression, this occurs when the job data on the web server is newer than the device and the device tries to change a job to a status which is not allowed (such as starting a temporarily rejected job when another crew member already has progressed the job to completed status). The user will be prompted to proceed and then the device will drop the current status and download the one the web has. Any job data already entered on the device should be uploaded and the only data that can be lost is the invalid status.


  • Gazetteer data is now a setting and is disabled by default. It can be enabled from the iOS settings for the application and will be downloaded on next login. As with all of these setting you are required to close the app before the next login otherwise these settings will not take effect.
  • When viewing the schedule of rate item list on a job the full description will now be shown in multi-line format.
  • Fixed a crash completing mandatory job info.
  • User PIN changes are now detected during refresh intervals. Any invalid user credentials will now log the user out and return to the login screen.
  • Contract rate item changes will now be updated when the device refreshes.
  • The "show GPS location" and "center screen on GPS location" functions have been combined into a single button. This will mean the GPS indicator is visible at all times when the screen centering is active.
  • Template settings for mandatory images should be obeyed now.
  • Asset images should display without having to scroll the details panel.
  • Collection template fields for text note entry should no longer contain the value "none" when a user opens the field.
  • Use multiple lines to display Schedule of Rate items with long descriptions.
  • Asset Highlights now display the date on the filter screen.
  • Gazetteer performance should be much faster, this includes loading the initial gazetteer list of road names and also selecting and viewing roads with hundreds of sections.