Release 16.1

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Release 16.1

Release 16.1 is a WOMS & Forms release. It was released in September 2016 and is supported on iOS9 and iOS 10 platforms.

The primary feature is WOMS/Forms Integration. Users can create custom forms and have them displayed to the user at specified job status transitions (starting, pausing, resuming, completing or rejecting a job) or specify criteria (customer, contract or job type) which determines if a form is available to a job.

Populated forms can be viewed in Job Management with the rest of the job details, alternatively every form instance can be viewed and reported on via the Forms web interface.

WOMS Website

  • Work duration is now included on Job Summary reports and indicates how long a job was active for including breaks between the pause and resume stages of a job.
  • Additional shortcut icons are now displayed on the home page after logging in. Currently these are Job Management, Scheduling, Gully Reporting and Dashboard. Icons will only be displayed if the functionality is enabled on the system.
  • Form Rule Maintenance page added for user configuration of form and job association.
  • Dashboard functionality has been reintroduced with minor changes to graph scale.
  • Left clicking any item under the Report section of the menu should open the link in a new browser tab.
  • Implemented Jobs with Crew search functionality. This enables all the jobs a crew has available on the mobile application to be filtered on the Job Management or Scheduling page.
  • Additional job location updates made from the scheduling page were not being reflected if the job was already with a crew.

WOMS Application

  • iOS version 10 support.
  • Now uses a shared login module:
    • Improvements to the detection and functionality of offline mode.
    • Networking improvements to the message queue and sender.
    • Location permission will be requested again when logging in if bypassed during app launch.
    • User will be warned when logging in if the location permission is denied.
    • Improvements have been made to the gazetteer data parsing time.
  • Problem Reporting improvements for the upload and clear down features.
  • Removed automatic refresh for events such as adding works items and job info. This means that new data will be submitted but it will not query the server for new data immediately after. Calculations and updates will still be performed when performing a manual refresh and during the automatic data sync interval.
  • WOMS could incorrectly inform the user that the Inspections app was also installed.
  • Tweaked the algorithm for stamping date/time/lat/lon on captured photos to provide a better fit in portrait and landscape modes.
  • Replaced the GPS icon.
  • Removed an additional photos-only note view which we feel didn't provide any benefit to viewing image notes.
  • Added icons to text notes and audio notes. Photo notes continue to display a small preview of the image.
  • Added a message to inform users that a certain type of Find & Fix job would not persist if the user is changed.
  • Added and removed some details in the Information section;
    • Build date - This information is not necessary and has been removed.
    • Official Build - This indicates the app was installed via the App Store.
    • App Version - This should now be read correctly and no longer show "pending".
  • Attempting to manually refresh when there is no connection available will now display a message to the user. This message will not display when an automatic refresh is unsuccessful.
  • Fixed a menu display issue caused by accessing a job pin before using the menu.
  • Clear Database has been removed as an option in the application settings.
  • It's no longer possible to bypass an enforced job order restriction by using the map view.

Forms Website

  • Website style updated.

Forms Application

  • iOS version 10 support.
  • Now uses a shared login module.
  • Introduces Paused Form states which allow a user to pause a form and return to it at a later time. If you go back when populating a form the system will ask you if you want to pause or discard the form. This function is limited to the Forms application at this time.