Release 16.2

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Release 16.2

Release 16.2 is a WOMS & Inspections release. It was released in August 2017 and is supported on iOS9 and iOS 10 platforms.

Please delete your browser cache for this release.

General instructions: Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete, select only the cache option and then confirm.

WOMS Website


  • Gully Reporting Changes
    • Gully Reporting Area Zooming - Performing a gully reporting query on a polygon region will now focus the map on that area as the query is executed.
    • Gully Reporting will display a message when queries are taking a long time to run.
    • Gully Reporting asset detail panel will have a scrollbar if required to view all the available details along with the asset photograph.
    • The Gully Details panel will show the data captured during the collection and will hide any fields from previous template versions or fields without a value.
    • The Gully Reporting history tables for assets will no longer display photos when none was taken for that entry. This will make it clear to see which entries had a new image capture.
    • Added the ability to view multiple images captured from the same collection.
  • Job assets can be viewed from the scheduling page.
  • Photo Capture Changes
    • Photographs will no longer be uploaded at full resolution.
    • After taking a photo it will be resized before being stamped with overlay data and then uploaded.
    • Photo overlay text has been altered to have a black background with white text to increase readability.
  • The Help link will now open the InTouch Wiki site in a new browser tab.

Inspections iOS application

New Features

  • The login screen has a new look.
  • Quick Actions - Quick actions are predefined templates of collection details which are commonly occurring. For example, you can just select "Parked Car" and other recollection details are automatically populated and submitted to save the operator time. These have to be defined as per the initial system templates.
  • Multi-Select Assets - It’s now possible to enter a mode which allows multiple individual assets to be selected simultaneously. These can then have quick actions applied to them.
  • Successful visit rule - It is now possible to have your system configured to work on a successful visit rule for asset jobs where the asset is only marked as complete after a successful clean or after a specified number of failed visits. For example, an asset which is inaccessible on visit 1 and 2 will remain on the crew device as outstanding work but on the 3rd visit it will be marked as completed if it was accessible or not.
  • Cyclic Banding - Users can specify asset banding to correlate to cleaning cycles, ie 12/24/36 months. When the asset is part of a cycle it will display a band and when it has been successfully visited the banding will disappear. Please note this functionality cannot be used at the same time a system operates using asset job dispatching to crews.
  • Intelligent Templates - Show or hide data collection fields based on values of selected options. For example, if you select an asset as being inaccessible then there will be no field displayed to record a silt level measurement.
  • Activity Report is now available on crew devices, this keeps a running total of the new assets and data recollections since the first event was recorded. This can be manually reset at any time to begin the count again.

Other Improvements

  • Asset Sync Improvements - We have made changes to the way the system sends and syncs data. This will mean less time spent sending, downloading and processing data outside of the regular automatic intervals specified in the application settings. Improved data parsing efficiency during initial logon, particularly with asset data.
  • Mapping Improvements - As well as a mapping library updates we have also made changes to the default behaviour of map tile scaling and how the map tile sources are prioritised. If you are working online and have a map pack installed the app will display level 21 tiles from the web server if they are not present in the map pack. Also if you have a level 20 map pack installed and are working offline, the last level will stretch to a pseudo level 21 layer. The map display cache has been removed to negate any scenarios where the cache would misrepresent the real data due to not updating correctly.
  • Filter Improvements;
    • The filter is now an icon.
    • When a filter is active the filter icon will display in Red.
    • A Clear Filter option is now present when viewing the filter panel and a filter is enabled. This completely removes any attribute filter, any collection date filter and will display all of the system assets.
    • Display Only Job Assets filter toggle will only be displayed when a job is in progress.
  • The Job Details view has been redesigned to be a scrollable single column.

Minor Changes

  • The login screen will now trim excess spaces when logging in and the return button on the keyboard can now be used to login.
  • The “Busy Processing Data” message has been significantly reduced.
  • The application has had some improvements to make areas displaying text compatible with iOS text scaling accessibility options.
  • Increased the default icon size for assets. Asset size can be changed in the iOS application settings.
  • When the application logs in, the map will show the area where assets are located.
  • Changed some button labels to make them more reflective of the action being performed in various areas through the application. One example of this is changing the Menu button from a "+" symbol into the word “Menu”.
  • Accessing the Menu will no longer jump directly into job details when a job is in progress.
  • Replaced various icons with vector graphics which look cleaner and scale much better with higher screen resolution devices.
  • The "Edit Asset" options (within the asset detail panel) have now been moved to the top of the panel so that it is accessible when tapping an asset without having to scroll down.
  • The asset image will use a different scaling method within the preview area. The image can now be tapped to display in a fullscreen view.
  • The "Last Update Date" when viewing gully details displays the time as well as the date of the last update.
  • Added a boundary box around the UK to prevent zooming out too far.
  • Application settings have been updated to make it more clear what they do and provide additional details where we feel more description is necessary.
  • New asset collection details can now be edited when offline.
  • Changes to the workflow of adding a new asset have been made to improve the speed.
  • Improved device detection method on the user information screen.
  • Minor changes to data collection templates to better utilise screen estate.
  • Added debug map tiles setting which shows the zoom level of tiles as you navigate the map.