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A form against a WOMS job

WOMS/Forms Integration is functionality which enables Forms to be used against WOMS jobs.

Populated forms can be viewed in Job Management with the rest of the job details, alternatively every form instance can be viewed and reported on via the Forms web interface.


  • Forms is a new web system which will have a different address to the WOMS login portal.
  • Form Rule Maintenance is a new area available in the WOMS website.
    • The WOMS menu location for this page is Menu > Maintenance > Form Rule Maintenance.
  • Job Maintenance now includes a Forms section within the job details, this enables you to view any forms which have been attached to the job.

System Setup

Each system needs to have Forms functionality enabled to use this feature. This requires a new Forms web system also.

If you have a forms enabled system it's recommended to follow these steps in the listed order to start using the system.

User accounts

At this stage user accounts need to be present on both the WOMS system and the Forms system.

  • Additional users need to be created with the same username as they have in the WOMS system.
  • Passwords do not have to be the same in both systems.
  • Future user accounts need to be created in both systems.
  • Username changes need to be updated in both systems.

Steps to add users

  • Login to the Forms system with your provided details. (Initial user details will be provided by InTouch support staff.)
  • Enter the Users section and then click Add User or press the + Add button to the right of Users when viewing the home page.
  • Enter the username identical to the WOMS username of the person to be added.
  • Enter a password for the user (to be used when logging in to the standalone Forms app or web systems).
  • Enter the password again in the confirmation field.
  • Press Save or Save and add another if this is a basic WOMS user account you are making just to use the integration features.
  • Press Save and continue editing if you want to modify the permissions for this user and give them more access to the Forms web system.

Form Template Creation

Form templates are created in the Forms web interface and there must be at least 1 present in order to create a Form Rule.

  • From the home page select Form Templates then Add Form Template +.
  • Enter a name for this form.
  • Press Save.
  • You can now build the form you require by selecting field types and entering data.
  • When you have the form layout done press Save to create the template.
  • This form will now appear when logging in to the standalone Forms application and will also be available on the Form Rule Maintenance page within WOMS.

Form Rule Creation