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WOMS Release Notes, this page documents the changes that are made in each WOMS release.

Release 15.1

Release 15.1 is primarily an Inspections release bringing new functionality to streamline troubleshooting methods. This is done by providing more information about errors to users, and enabling them to recover from them in a more time efficient manner.

The iOS 8 camera zoom slider is known to crash the application. This crash can be avoided by waiting for the transparency effect of the slider to run and the control to hide again, this takes a few seconds. Taking a photo without zooming in will not result in a crash.

WOMS Website

  • It's no longer possible to save a username which already exists on the system.
  • The Job Management's Job Position window will now open much faster.
  • Empty job notes will not be saved to jobs.
  • It will no longer be possible to run a search query that returns all jobs on the system. Users may need to use additional criteria in order to return smaller quantities of results.
  • Contract Rates Third Party Reference field will now display a label informing the users of the 50 character limit, when this limit is reached.
  • Regions can be cloned without encountering an error message.
  • Job reconciliation page will correctly save text surrounded by quotation marks.
  • The Gully Reporting history window now has it's own scroll bar.
  • The People & Users page will now alert users when updating details has failed.
  • The Gully Reporting filters are now based on the Last Update Date and no longer the Device Update Date. (NEEDS CONFIRMATION)
  • Gully Reporting search boxes will now submit search terms instead of reloading the page.
  • Cleaned up the display of a job type reference when viewing a job tooltip on the scheduling page.
  • Contract Maintenance will now set currency to 2 decimal places instead of returning a validation error when user only provides a value to 1 decimal place.
  • The Gully Reporting filter date ranges are now inclusive and allow for {Today} to {Today} queries.

WOMS iOS application

  • Use multiple lines to display Schedule of Rate items.
  • Fixed a problem saving values for SoR items using Volume measurement (does not apply retrospectively)