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The WOMS website currently has a variety of different error messages and styles. We are working towards replacing many errors with more meaningful details.


WOMS currently returns some error messages which are generic server responses and other errors which should not really be displayed in the current manner. These types of errors which are repeatable and can often be encountered with specific workflows are to be converted into more meaningful messages to users.

Message box styles

New error style

A new error message box

New error messages should include an error code and a brief description of the error, this currently includes generic server errors which return HTTP error response codes.

Where we can capture non-generic errors these will be changed and added to the table below along with more information on the error and available options with how to proceed when you encounter these.

Old error style

An old error message box.

The older style error informs the user that an unexpected error occurred and to try again. In most cases where this message is presented, trying again will not remedy the situation.

There is also no need to email support each time one of these messages are displayed.

Error Codes

If you have an error with a specific code you can look it up in this table for further information.

Error Description

Invalid Job Status Progression

Since the page was loaded a jobs status has changed and you are attempting to save the job without seeing the new changes. Reload the job or perform a search again and this will update to the latest details. If required, you can make the modifications and save the changes.