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Debug Mode option in Settings

The Debug Interface is used to send files from a handheld device to running Inspections or WOMS to InTouch Ltd via an internet connection. The Debug Interface allows remote data capture which can help identify issues and also enables the device user to 'rest' the app.

These instructions are based on iOS version 8. If you are using a different version of iOS try to follow the process as closely as possible. If you are having trouble please contact us.

Entering Debug Mode

The application you wish to put into debug mode should be terminated. Open the iOS settings menu and locate the application name. Scroll down through the list of settings. In the section Advanced Settings set Enter Debug Mode to enabled. The next time you run the application you should be presented with the Debug Interface menu.

Check Configuration

Select this option to perform a series of basic tests on your device.

  • Internet Connection
  • Location Services
  • Camera
  • Photo Library
  • Storage Space

Report a Fault

Follow these steps to perform an upload, images follow after the instructions that can aid you as you progress through the numbered list.

  1. Log out of the application so the user details are visible on the login screen. This is to make sure any files in use are closed down in a controlled way before we stop the app running.
  2. Double tap the [Home] button bringing the Apple task switcher into view.
  3. Swipe away (close) the InTouch application you want to capture data for. The Application will close and no longer be in use until opened again.
  4. Go to the [Settings] page for the device and scroll down to the bottom where the list of apps are.
  5. Select the InTouch application (Inspections or WOMS) you are using and scroll down to the bottom.
  6. Turn on the “Enter Debug Mode” setting (these settings are off by default, on is indicated by the strip being coloured and the circle over to the right side).
  7. Exit the setting screen and run the InTouch application again, this time you should see the screen labelled “Debug Interface”.
  8. Press [Report A Problem], leave the options selected and follow down the screen providing the information where asked;
    • How to repeat the problem
    • A contact name
    • Contact details
  9. Press [Send] in the top right corner. The system will now perform various tasks collecting the necessary files and uploading them. Pay attention to the messages to confirm if the upload was successful, if it failed, try to correct any problems such as internet access and repeat the process from step 8.
  10. To finish this process after uploading is complete, press “Switch Off Debug Mode” and you will be shown the “Close Application” window.
  11. Once again, double tap the [Home] button bringing the Apple task switcher into view.
  12. Swipe away the Debug Window screen.
  13. You are now able to reopen the InTouch application by using the icons on the device home screens.

Clearing the device down

There may be situations where the device cannot recover from an error and in order to continue using the app the data must be cleared out and an initial login performed again.

Switch Off Debug Mode

Selecting this option and closing the app will ensure the next time the app is launched it will no longer be in debug mode.