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Region Management page with a region selected

Region Management is a tool which allows a user to create a polygon region which can then be used as an area to perform Gully searches within the Gully Reporting filter.

Creating A Region

Select Create New Region and enter a name to identify this region.

Under Region Type you can create a new one and name it "Wards/Flood Hotspot/Priority Area" as examples. Alternatively select an existing one if present.

Next change the Status of this region;

  • Draft is for regions which have not been completed and will not be usable as a filter area.
  • Published are completed regions and will be available in gully filters.
  • Archived are for no longer in use regions and will not be usable in gully filters.

For new regions you want to use right away, select Published.

Draw the shape;

  • Left click on the map to place the initial point.
    • Strait lines will be drawn between points, place another point when you need to change the direction of the shape or adjust for accuracy.
    • Do not intersect the lines or an error will be encountered when trying to save.
  • Double left click to finish the shape.

Updating A Region

Single click on the shape to go into edit mode, the shape will appear blue with points in orange. You can then click and drag any points to rearrange the shape. When you have finished altering the polygon you can single click in the middle of the shape or on the map outside of the shape and the shape will return to orange and the points will be hidden.

When existing region entries are being modified they need a reason to be entered before saving.

Using Regions

Gully Reporting filter panel

Regions can be used in the Gully Reporting filter.

Select the In Area (Client Data) tab and then search for a region name. Select a search result from the list and any Gully items returned will be located in this area when applying the filter. This criteria can be combined with any of the Match All/Match Any attribute flags.

Removing Regions

Regions cannot be removed from this page, if you no longer want a region to be accessible in the search filters then you can set the Status to Archived. Regions can be renamed and the shape can be altered if you want to reuse an existing one.