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This page contains information on the various system configuration options available which can alter the behaviour.

Successful Visit Rule

The Successful Visit Rule is a feature which allows unsuccessful recollections against assets (either as part of a job or a visit cycle) to omit setting the work completed flag and turning the asset banding green. This can aid in meeting service level agreements and ensuring maximum realistic effort has been made when visiting assets.

Usage Example

When a user successfully visits a job asset and collects data the asset banding will turn green. When an unsuccessful visit (parked car, restricted access etc.) is performed without this functionality it would turn green on the first visit.

When the Successful Visit Rule is in place, a number of unsuccessful visits can be specified which requires a successful visit or the specified number of unsuccessful visits to occur before the asset turns green.

If the value is 3 then after submitting the 3rd failed visit the asset would then turn green.