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Menu Section Page Title Description
Administration Contracts Configure system contracts for job workflow.
Crews Configure crew names and see who is assigned to each of them.
Customers Configure system customers for job workflow.
Gully Groups Create predefined groups of asset IDs for repeat use in the system.
Job Priorities Configure system priorities for job workflow.
Job Templates View the list of job templates available.
Job Types Configure system job types for job workflow.
Regions Create and edit polygon regions for use in the gully filters.
Users Configure web and mobile device user access.
Gully Viewer Gully Map View the complete gully network information.
Individual Gully Viewer View individual gully details by searching or a specific ID.
Reports Roads Not Visited See a list of roads which had no data collected between a date range.
Work Management Job Management Create and edit jobs.
Job Scheduling Schedule created jobs.
Visit Cycle Management Create and edit asset visit cycles.

Below is a list of user guides for the SmartWater web and mobile applications.

For help with unexpected issues please see Troubleshooting.

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