Works Order Management System (WOMS)

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Works Order Management System (WOMS) is a web and iOS based works order management system developed by InTouch Ltd. First released in 2010 WOMS allows users to manage, schedule and distribute work to a mobile workforce.

WOMS User Guides

Below is a list of user guides for WOMS.

For help with unexpected issues please see Troubleshooters.

App Version Summary

Name Version Device Platform Device Distribution Comments
WOMS 1.0 iOS TestFlight Beta release for testing
WOMS 2.0.14 iOS6 - iOS8 Crashlytics and App Store First release made available on the App Store
WOMS 15.2 (Hotfix 1) iOS7 - iOS9 App Store
WOMS 16.1.1 iOS9 - iOS10 App Store WOMS/Forms integration

WOMS Resources

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